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Sneak Peek: Powerful What-if Product Roadmap Scenario Planning powered by OneRank

Software companies typically have bigger product roadmap than what their teams can accomplish. Thus, it's vital to find the most optimal product roadmap scenario that maximizes the value being delivered with the available resources and proactively identify additional staffing need to accelerate the roadmap if needed.

To do so, product & engineering managers typically get together for a product roadmap planning session, some quarterly, some yearly. The outcome of this roadmapping session is a product roadmap that delivers the most value with the staffing available to achieve it.

But despite the best laid out plans, product managers are often challenged by changing priorities that require exploring what-if scenarios before deciding which plan is the most optimal. The scenario planning often includes exploring priority and scope changes, resources & team assignments changes, and identifying the potential of adding additional staffing to accelerate the product roadmap.

Such scenario planning process is very cumbersome, as most traditional issue tracking tools, like Jira, Asana, Trello,, etc., don't have this functionality built-in. The lack of built-in scenario planning forces product and engineering managers to rely on other tools, such as Google or Excel sheets, which adds additional challenges on its own.

Knowing how important it is for the product and engineering managers to explore product roadmap scenarios before committing to the best one and rely on the up-to-date data from the issue tracking tools, OneRank has built a powerful scenario planning tool to solve this challenge.

Powerful Capabilities of OneRank Scenario Planning Tool

We've created OneRank's scenario planning tool to solve the core problem of the product roadmap planning process, the ability to explore different scenarios to achieve the best product outcome with the resources available and plan for additional staffing to accelerate the product roadmap if needed.

It provides a way to explore and analyze product roadmap scenarios with no manual work and painful spreadsheets. Also, because OneRank is integrated with Jira, the most popular issue tracking tool, it is easy to create multiple what-if roadmap scenarios within minutes, with no manual work needed.

OneRank's product roadmap scenario planning allows to:

  • Dynamically re-plan your roadmap based on priority, scope or team changes.

  • Create and explore multiple what-if scenarios and evaluate the risks and benefits of each option.

  • Predict roadmap impact based on available teams capacity and evaluate additional resourcing needs.

Most importantly, OneRank allows you to explore these scenarios without impacting your ongoing, live product roadmap. Only when you decide that you're ready to proceed with a particular scenario you can activate one of your scenarios. It will then make that scenario your base, and you can push that roadmap plan to Jira, so all your team members can get the latest plan of action.

Dynamically re-plan roadmap based on priority, scope or team changes.

Explore roadmap scenarios by making changes in scope, priority or team assignment and others

Create and explore multiple scenarios and pros & cons of each option.

Create multiple roadmap scenarios to find the one that works the most

Evaluate planned team capacity based on the each roadmap scenario.

Dynamically re-calculate teams' planned capacity based on roadmap changes

Explore multiple scenarios without affecting your base roadmap.

Create multiple scenarios, activate the best one.

It's always better to see it once than to hear it about it a thousand times. So please take a sneak peek of OneRank Product Roadmap Scenario Planning capability, becoming available to our customers with the first release.

A powerful What-If product roadmap scenario planning powered by OneRank.

Allows to explore multiple scenarios without affecting the base product roadmap, make changes in priority, scope and team assignments, explore staffing augmentation. And once aligned, activate one of the scenarios.

OneRank is also completely customizable to meet the needs to every organization. It allows you to use any estimation points, use any terminology you company prefers, manage the data that is important to you.

We can't wait to let you play with the Capacity & Scenario Planning tools powered by OneRank. So don't forget to sign up for our waiting list, to be the first one to get notified when it becomes available for a general access.


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